What if you could change all that?

“No one is in control of your happiness but you. You have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change”. Barbara De Angelis

 Just imagine yourself going on a date with confidence, having a good time with interesting conversation and really enjoying every moment of your dating experience. You are enjoying being with others and the whole dating experience has become easy and fun!

Imagine meeting couple hugging2someone and after a few dates being able to catch those red flags, see the old pattern repeating and without guilt, comfortably stop the relationship in order to find the right one.

Imagine doing an activity you love, meeting the right someone there and being able to discover connections on shared values. You have much in common already and you are excited to try out your new dating skills.

Imagine that you are clear about what you have to bring to a relationship – a unique set of special strengths and qualities that no one else has.  You realize that YOU ARE A CATCH!  You know some person would be lucky to be in a relationship with you.

  All of these scenarios can be your reality!

 “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung


FergusonC_compressedHi, I’m Carol Ferguson and I’m going to show you a life changing step by step process for getting what you want and deserve in a new relationship with the right partner.

Would it be ok if I took a few minutes to tell you why I can talk about this process?

I was divorced after 23 years with the same man  – 5 years of dating and 18 years of marriage.  I discovered I had many internal roadblocks preventing me from moving on to a new relationship. I knew that if I didn’t figure out what went wrong in the past that it would just keep repeating itself. I found out that you have to look inside – not outside.

So, I did a lot of reflecting, writing, and reading. “Just what did I want in a partner and in a relationship?” “What did I like about myself and what did I want to change?” Then when I had that part figured out, my next question was “Where and how am I going to find a partner?”

So, I started experimenting.  It was scary – who would want me if he didn’t? It was challenging – where can I find the right partner at my age? It was fun – all these men want to date me!  I know what it’s like to start all over again. I remember how uncomfortable it was talking to strangers, going on dates and not knowing what to say. I know how easy it is to tolerate the wrong someone just in case no one else shows up.

I had some successes and some failures which gave me lots of experience to pass on to you. So, with all this knowledge behind me, plus my experience as a certified relationship coach for singles, I offer you my “How To Find Love After Divorce” online course.

I promise you that my 10 step transformational process and powerful tools will help you:
  • Gain insights into past relationships and why they didn’t work out
  • Recognize and break through old patterns you have used in looking for a partner
  • Understand which of your core values are so important in your relationships
  • See your strengths and how they are an asset
  • Feel that you are more than enough, you are a gift
  • Learn about and improve your dating, social and intimacy skills
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to relationship warning signs
  • Understand the negative and positive parts of a relationship
  • Ask the important questions of your dates
  • Find many different ways and places to meet a partnerLoveMapBlogPost7

Now you can spend years like I did to try and figure out how to do this OR you can get into action right away and follow this step by step road map at whatever speed is right for you.

If you want different results, you have to use a different approach.

With this unique program you will:

  • Gain self confidence and be empowered to attract and keep the right relationship
  • Have opportunities to apply what you learn by doing the weekly warm up and action plan activities.
  • Have access to this online program anytime, anywhere

Here is what you get with the “How to Find Love After Divorce” 10 step process:

Module 1 – Discover:

  • Why past relationships failed

        Do you keep asking yourself “Why does this always happen to me?”  “Why was I attracted to them?” “Why don’t my relationships work?”

  • Your negative relationship patterns so you can break them.

        What attracted you to them, what worked and what didn’t work in each relationship.

Action Steps: Start implementing small specific action steps to meet new people and gain self confidence.

Module 2 – Discover:

  • Common patterns in your failed relationships

        Understanding the negative AND positive patterns in your failed relationships will allow you to do things differently this time.

  We often react and behave the way we do today because of early childhood conditioning. You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood, however, as an adult;  you are responsible for making better choices.

  • What makes an unsatisfying relationship so you can choose a satisfying one.

 Action Steps: Take another small step to accelerate being comfortable meeting new people.

Module 3 – Learn:

  • The importance of being present vs fantasizing

  Why being present increases your ability to deeply connect with others.

  •  How being present is an important aspect of the law of attraction.

Action Steps: Engage in conversations, conquer your fears and be more at ease with new people.

Module 4 – Discover:

  •  Your strengths and use them to raise your self-esteem.

         Why you need to connect to yourself before you can connect to another.

 Action Steps:  Develop a personal introduction and practice it so you can use it confidently when starting a conversation.

Bonus – Unstoppable Confidence Evaluator

Module 5 – Determine:

  • Your top 10 core values

       Relationships work best if you have shared values.  This will allow you to choose a partner who has the same top 10.

Action Steps: Stretch your comfort zone a bit and go out with a friend to an event where you can meet potential partners.

Module 6 – Create:

  • Your awesome relationship support team

        This team will hold you accountable to sticking to your values when dating and be an objective supporter.

        If you want different results from what you’ve had in the past, you need to follow a different process.

 Action Steps: Stretch yourself even more by applying what you have learned so far and going out to events alone.

Module 7 – Discover:

  • Many different and exciting dating resources to meet potential partners.
  • Online dating do’s and don’ts.
  • Offline dating options and build an accompanying action plan.

Action Steps: Implement offline dating action plan to try out new and different places to meet partners. Try online dating or revise your online dating activities based on new learnings.

Module 8 – Learn:

  • The skills needed for good relationships

        12 social skills, 9 dating skills and 9 intimacy skills.

  • Which skills you may want to improve.

Action Steps: Complete more activities in your Dating Resources Action Plan to expand your network and potential to meet a partner.

Bonus – Effective Communication eBook

Module 9 – Create:

  • Action plan to improve relationship skills

       Then learn the 8 essential components to make those improvements last.

Action Steps: Practice with friends and co-workers the relationship skills you want to improve so you can exhibit these skills with your partner.

Module 10 – Discover:

  • 1st Tool to help you start and enjoy conversations with your dates.
  • 2nd Tool to assess if a date’s behavior is a warning sign before it’s too late.
  • 3rd Tool to subjectively rate your date based on shared values so emotions don’t get in the way. (free app)

 Action Steps: Use the tools to confidently move forward in your dating journey.

Bonus – 215 Love Affirmations and Mantras






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Why take this program?

Here is the truth of the matter; no one wants to be alone. The longer you wait to take action, the smaller that window of opportunity becomes for you to get into the arms of the love of your life.

These modules are designed to build upon each other and to be taken weekly. In case you feel that is too quick, I am allowing you access for one full year so you can go at your own pace. Just remember, a person in motion stays in motion.

You can do this the hard way by yourself with no road map to guide you or you can do this the easy way with my proven 10 step process. I wish I had this road map when I started dating.  In a survey where I asked “What would be the most valuable to you right now?”, the overwhelming response was “I want some guidance.”  Well, here it is!  And, you will have access to this online program at anytime, from anywhere 24/7 for one full year.

What will you get?

I normally sell this program as a 10-week one-on-one coaching session for $100 per session. The same material is in this course for a one-time charge of $97!  Full access for one whole year at this absolute lowest price comes out to $0.27 per day – less than what you would spend on a coffee anywhere. Isn’t finding the right partner worth more than a daily coffee?

How about some support from other women just like you?  When you sign up for this program, you also have the opportunity to sign up to the private “Find Love After Divorce” Facebook group.  A great place to share experiences, ask for advice, find an accountability partner to keep you on track and learn the process with other like-minded women.

Now, if you feel that you want/need some one-on-one coaching to guide you through this, I have a coaching option for $197.  This includes the course material along with the module bonuses and 3 coaching sessions to be taken anytime during the first 10 weeks. 

Coaching is a collaborative process, in which I help you define, speak out loud and strategically move toward what you really want in life. I will help you win at the games you play in life and I will help you find success as you define it – and deserve it!  You have my resources and training at your disposal – BUT – it’s up to you to use them. We share the responsibility of this journey together. You are responsible for any actions you take or don’t take as a result of our coaching relationship.  I am responsible to keep you accountable in completing your activities, without judgment.

Here’s what you need to do now!


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